Ticks are a very dangerous creature that you want to keep under control.  If you get bitten by a tick, you can easily become sick and in extreme cases you could die.  This is why, when it comes to getting hot or humid outside you want to remove all areas where they live and come attached to you.

Tick Control

The first thing that you want to work on is tick control.  In your efforts it may be necessary to focus on commercial tick control denver to handle your problems.  With commercial tick control, you are going to be using more concentrated chemicals as well as extermination methods to remove ticks for your area.

Check yourself

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When you go into areas where ticks live or feed, you want to check yourself before entering your home.  If you find that you are bitten you want to remove them as quickly as possible.  You will also want to wear long clothing when you go into these areas.  You want to tuck your pants into your shoes, wear long pants, long sleeve shirts and gloves. 

Where do ticks live?

Ticks live in tall grass as well as areas where there is standing water.  Ticks like to attach themselves to the tall grass and when you pass through, they will detach from the grass and then attach to you.  It is then they will bite into you and suck your blood. 

If you have areas that flood or have standing water after a storm, you will want to avoid them as well as find ways to eliminate them from your yard.  The standing water is where they will lay their eggs.  The eggs will hatch quickly creating a large infestation of ticks in your area.

The best line of defense is to go and cut your grass so that they can’t hide and make sure that all water is removed.  Even though there is no guaranteed defense, these actions are good starting points to protect you and your family.